About us

We’re not just an ordinary software development company.

Sparkbit was created to be a great workplace for exceptional developers. A place where people enjoy working with a great team that helps us carry out ambitious projects and solve complex problems.

Business core

We thrive on dealing with challenges. Innovations and complex systems push us to gain more knowledge and constantly develop. That's why our primary focus covers three areas of software development.

Machine Learning

We started our journey with software development as engineers with academic backgrounds. Adding the data science part allowed us to conduct ML projects end-to-end using our own MLOps workflow.

Architecture & Backend

Think of it as our foundation. We're focused on backend and architecture, and every project we do has these elements. This way, we can design and build complete systems for non-trivial data processing, such as time-series or multi-sensorial IoT data.

R&D Prototypes

We build bridges between science and commerce by planning and running meaningful experiments based on research and our own experience. All innovations are born through a trial&error process, but we simply don't give up.

In Sparkbit, we keep things simple whenever possible. Procedures are there to facilitate daily work, not to make everyone's life miserable. We cherish taking ownership, being proactive and productive. We are a relatively small team where everyone knows and supports each other. Our core values reflect that approach.

Professional Excellence

Quality is vital for us. We want to form strong partnerships with our clients, and be recognized for our outstanding performance. Great technical and communication skills are the way.


Every project is a team's responsibility. Keeping a big picture in mind, caring to deliver and being proactive in the process develops a great end result.


We value openness and honest feedback. We don't hide our mistakes but share them and learn.

Kindness & Respect

It's important for us to be surrounded by people who are respectful and care for others. Without them, a job is just a job.

Work-life Balance

We all have families, hobbies, and responsibilities. 66% of our adult life is private time - we want it to be happy and meaningful.

Our team

Exceptional people make a company more than just a workplace. It’s time for you to meet us!

michał kręglewskiceoSystem architect, software engineer and team leader with 19 years of professional experience.
Jędrek Fularacto & co–founderSoftware architect and developer with 17 years of professional experience.
kasia fularacooTeam leader, software engineer with 17 years of experience.
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We like spending time together

We know that our people are in different stages of life, so we organize three types of events to ensure everyone finds something for themselves - integrations for employees only, family parties, and plus-one dinners.